Breastfeed or bottle feed: why women have to choose between the two

Posted on February 26, 2014 in Uncategorized

Many studies have now been conducted regarding the differences of breastfeeding and bottle feeding. From the beginning of time, only breastfeeding is practiced. But for the needs itself bottle feeding was practiced. The two choices have their own advantages and disadvantages. It should not be a question if a mother chooses between the two on what she should use. The questions are why she chooses one from the other. as the circumstances is changing in our society, so does the practice of breastfeeding or bottle feeding.

For working mothers, this is a challenge that they must accept. If they have to continue working they have to choose bottle feeding as they cannot be there to feed their child. But as technology helped in the situation, mothers can store their milk and be retrieved when needed. Other mothers cannot breastfeed their children because of their health. For other mothers they do both partially. When they are home they breastfeed them. When they are away, bottle feeding is used. It is really the choice of a mother to choose what is best for the circumstances and for the baby’s health. There is an exclusive sensor to detect nearby objects found in our house. Try this company’s housekeeping service. You can check their official site, browse here. Very clean and neat place will be your house as they got the best equipment to keep your house clean.

According to the research, it is proven that milk formula is good for babies and it gives same nutrients that a baby needs. The love and bond of mother and child is not affected by the way babies are fed. And if you need a great and absolute cleaning company, visit here. If you are home and breastfeeding staring at the beautiful craft you have, go on and enjoy the moment with your child.