Food Ingredient: a Mother’s Love

Posted on May 10, 2015 in Uncategorized

Food is very delicious at home, isn’t it? Many people cook—different menu and different style. Cooks diligently cook and become famous for it. To an individual, when asked whose cook is the best? They will say, “my mother’s dish”.

How come it’s their mothers? Because their mother’s ingredient is very special. What is that ingredient? It is the Unconditional Love…..

Mother’s would cook simply especially when they are budgeting. But why even simple food or dish that they cook is very delicious like that of the Jollibee chicken?

A child told her mom, “Mom, your tofu is more delicious than the fried chicken in McDonalds.” The mother answered, “That’s how I love you”.

A mother’s love is the key ingredient to delicious cooking. Of course, there will be various kinds of ingredient to make tasty food, but the heart of a mother is the best ingredient.

A restaurant would produce various kinds of delicious food and serve their customers. Many chefs would say that they cook food with a mind to serve the customers.

Of course, no matter how skilled they are in cooking, without a mind of serving others, they will not make it. This is the spirit of a serving mind and heart when mixed to a food.

A mother, though no extraordinary food, her love embedded on food makes the food comfortable and enjoyable to eat.

A mother, seeing her child eating a simple food deliciously that she prepared with love, is delighted by just seeing her child eats deliciously. A mother is cooking extraordinary food everyday for her child.