The Meaning of “She is a Mother”

Posted on June 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

Mother is the beginning of everything. She is a light in one’s home. A house becomes a home through her.

Mother is life

Without a mother no one would be born and experience the existence of life on this earth. A mother gives life to her children and after that she nurses them with devotional love and sacrifice.

The moment a baby has an eye contact with her mother, both have already set a bond between them.

Without a mother, a baby will be uncomfortable.

Mother is love and sacrifice

Once a woman becomes a mother, she will forget herself and use everything of her—time, possessions, secular desire in order to nurse and raise her child without asking something in return from her child.

A mother may neglect anything in her life but always be there for her child. She devotes her life without leaving her child behind.

She sacrifices everything that she has only to give a satisfaction to her children. Her love is the greatest love a child may have on, next to God’s.

Mother is everything

Mother is also just a person like her children. But a mother thinks that without her, her son will not survive on this earth. This is why she gives whatever her child needs.

On this earth, no one can sacrifice himself or herself to save someone except her mother. Mother is a child love, provider and everything.

She is awake 24 hours just to look after their children. The meaning of a mother is actually beyond description and no one can fathom the heart of a mother unless she becomes a mother.