Family meeting: a good way for a family to become close and harmonious

Posted on February 22, 2016 in Uncategorized

When you are working and want to fulfill your duty at the same time as a mom is challenging. You will have to learn to manage your emotion also to give discipline and take care of the social and emotional needs of your children. Children demand time from their mothers as it is one of their needs while growing up. If you have more than two children then you have to manage your time for each of them so that no one will feel out of place.

I have found out one tip that can help our family stay united and close to each other. The tip is to have a regular family meeting. A family has members and each should understand his part in making the family united with each other. Fight can occur and it should be given a solution. The good way to do it is to have a family meeting. Discussed what happened and let each side voice out their concern. It is important not to give an immediate punishment without having the full story be heard.

At that time, try to find also the reason behind. There can be jealousy that is why they fight. They may feel one is being favored by parents that is why they make ways to fight. You should also organized your family meeting so that it will not be only a time correcting each other’s fault but a quality time to share dreams and experiences. You can share about digital application to your children for a proper guidance.