A Day of Mother

Posted on February 18, 2015

Mothers are known to be loving and caring. Their devotional sacrifice is incomparable and no one can ever surpass unless they have the mind like a mother and a nature like a mother. A father’s mindset is different of that of a mother’s mindset. But both aim to protect the family as they together build it and living as one body.

It is said that women are weak but mothers are strong. This is absolutely fact. In fact, there is no way to describe the devotion of a mother even in a single day than to describe it as working for 25 hours. A mother sleeps late at night, making sure that everybody is at home, making sure everyone ate and making sure everyone is sleeping. A mother wakes up early in the morning, earlier than anyone else. She prepares the things of her husband, ironing his clothes, preparing his breakfast and so on. She also prepares breakfast for her children, prepares pack lunch for them, checking their bags, their things such as pencils, papers and so on, prepares their school uniform and much more.

A day of mothers is tiring and weakening but it is so admirable that you can see them smiling. They are the ones who give more than receiving. Their lives are full of ups and downs but so long as their family is secured and happy, they are happier.

A day of a mother has no rest. If only they can extend the day in order to do more things for the family, they will do. Mothers can even endure hunger. Their only joy are their husbands doing well in their jobs, their children growing well.

Who can fathom the depth of love of mothers?