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Parenting Problem: How to feed a picky eater child

Posted on October 12, 2016 in Uncategorized

As a mom, I have experienced this kind of situation to my second child for a while. I have been in distress before as I do not know what to do. I want to give him a delicious and healthy meal but he does not want it. Thankfully at that time I have gained tips in the internet and my fellow moms how to overcome it and help my child to eat healthily. I will share some of the tips in this article so you will have more time doing some things.

First is let them try different kinds of foods. The goal is to find out what food they want. It will help you plan on feeding them. Let the meal time short. Ten minutes is enough.  If they do not want a certain food, try to present it in a different way. You can also give a different name to a food to make it good and interesting to hear. In one meal you can give your child different kinds of food.

If your child wants to drink than eating solid food, you should not be dismayed. You give her smoothies of fruits and other vegetables. You can give him milk or yogurt. Try to mix them and see where you can combine honey, juice and peanut butter that can be a source of vitamins. It is like a metal craft practice that you have to be creative to produce a craft. Kids has also the taste when it comes to the style of what they wear. So,  Flower girl 32 design by Jasmine is a super cute dress and perfect for your child. This will surely like by your little cute child to wear.


Family meeting: a good way for a family to become close and harmonious

Posted on February 22, 2016 in Uncategorized

When you are working and want to fulfill your duty at the same time as a mom is challenging. You will have to learn to manage your emotion also to give discipline and take care of the social and emotional needs of your children. Children demand time from their mothers as it is one of their needs while growing up. If you have more than two children then you have to manage your time for each of them so that no one will feel out of place.

I have found out one tip that can help our family stay united and close to each other. The tip is to have a regular family meeting. A family has members and each should understand his part in making the family united with each other. Fight can occur and it should be given a solution. The good way to do it is to have a family meeting. Discussed what happened and let each side voice out their concern. It is important not to give an immediate punishment without having the full story be heard.

At that time, try to find also the reason behind. There can be jealousy that is why they fight. They may feel one is being favored by parents that is why they make ways to fight. You should also organized your family meeting so that it will not be only a time correcting each other’s fault but a quality time to share dreams and experiences. You can share about digital application to your children for a proper guidance.

The Meaning of “She is a Mother”

Posted on June 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

Mother is the beginning of everything. She is a light in one’s home. A house becomes a home through her.

Mother is life

Without a mother no one would be born and experience the existence of life on this earth. A mother gives life to her children and after that she nurses them with devotional love and sacrifice.

The moment a baby has an eye contact with her mother, both have already set a bond between them.

Without a mother, a baby will be uncomfortable.

Mother is love and sacrifice

Once a woman becomes a mother, she will forget herself and use everything of her—time, possessions, secular desire in order to nurse and raise her child without asking something in return from her child.

A mother may neglect anything in her life but always be there for her child. She devotes her life without leaving her child behind.

She sacrifices everything that she has only to give a satisfaction to her children. Her love is the greatest love a child may have on, next to God’s.

Mother is everything

Mother is also just a person like her children. But a mother thinks that without her, her son will not survive on this earth. This is why she gives whatever her child needs.

On this earth, no one can sacrifice himself or herself to save someone except her mother. Mother is a child love, provider and everything.

She is awake 24 hours just to look after their children. The meaning of a mother is actually beyond description and no one can fathom the heart of a mother unless she becomes a mother.

Food Ingredient: a Mother’s Love

Posted on May 10, 2015 in Uncategorized

Food is very delicious at home, isn’t it? Many people cook—different menu and different style. Cooks diligently cook and become famous for it. To an individual, when asked whose cook is the best? They will say, “my mother’s dish”.

How come it’s their mothers? Because their mother’s ingredient is very special. What is that ingredient? It is the Unconditional Love…..

Mother’s would cook simply especially when they are budgeting. But why even simple food or dish that they cook is very delicious like that of the Jollibee chicken?

A child told her mom, “Mom, your tofu is more delicious than the fried chicken in McDonalds.” The mother answered, “That’s how I love you”.

A mother’s love is the key ingredient to delicious cooking. Of course, there will be various kinds of ingredient to make tasty food, but the heart of a mother is the best ingredient.

A restaurant would produce various kinds of delicious food and serve their customers. Many chefs would say that they cook food with a mind to serve the customers.

Of course, no matter how skilled they are in cooking, without a mind of serving others, they will not make it. This is the spirit of a serving mind and heart when mixed to a food.

A mother, though no extraordinary food, her love embedded on food makes the food comfortable and enjoyable to eat.

A mother, seeing her child eating a simple food deliciously that she prepared with love, is delighted by just seeing her child eats deliciously. A mother is cooking extraordinary food everyday for her child.

Tips to working moms: finding time to exercise and stay fit

Posted on August 20, 2014 in Uncategorized

Every person needs a time for exercise. Working moms are affected also with it as it seems they cannot fit in their schedule time to have exercise. Some just say they have exercise through all the hard work they do. That is also right as they use much physical activity to perform many tasks. But for some mothers who still want to stay fir and maintain their body shape even if they are busy have some ways to do so. Each kind of physical activity will give different benefits to the body.

One working mom has shared what she does to have exercise. Every morning she does simple stretching after waking up. Stretching is very important to the muscles and is a good way to wake your body. After stretching, she drinks warm water before anything to cleanse her body and wake up the body organs. Doing that for years, it has worked for her as she does not fall into common illness and her body feels great. If you need a more active exercise you can also do. The important thing is you find the time you can insert your exercise time.

To others they schedule their exercise during lunch break even for 20-30 minutes every working day. Others they do it once a week after work. While having a time in the beach you can also have exercise together with your children and have some fun together. You can treat them to a healthy and delicious 外燴 in the town to complete your day out.



Breastfeed or bottle feed: why women have to choose between the two

Posted on February 26, 2014 in Uncategorized

Many studies have now been conducted regarding the differences of breastfeeding and bottle feeding. From the beginning of time, only breastfeeding is practiced. But for the needs itself bottle feeding was practiced. The two choices have their own advantages and disadvantages. It should not be a question if a mother chooses between the two on what she should use. The questions are why she chooses one from the other. as the circumstances is changing in our society, so does the practice of breastfeeding or bottle feeding.

For working mothers, this is a challenge that they must accept. If they have to continue working they have to choose bottle feeding as they cannot be there to feed their child. But as technology helped in the situation, mothers can store their milk and be retrieved when needed. Other mothers cannot breastfeed their children because of their health. For other mothers they do both partially. When they are home they breastfeed them. When they are away, bottle feeding is used. It is really the choice of a mother to choose what is best for the circumstances and for the baby’s health.

According to the research, it is proven that milk formula is good for babies and it gives same nutrients that a baby needs. The love and bond of mother and child is not affected by the way babies are fed. If you are home and breastfeeding staring at the beautiful craft you have, go on and enjoy the moment with your child.

Freezer Meals: one way to help busy moms provide food easily

Posted on September 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

Many proved that home cooked meals are more delicious and nutritious than the food outside. Even if we enjoy them from time to time but there is nothing like the food cooked by a mother. Many children when they separate from their mothers missed their cooking. That is why some parents make extra effort to deliver food to their children and cooked for them when they visit home. Food has a way to make the bond between persons be stronger.

For busy moms who cannot cook food at the time their child will demand food from them, freezer meals is the solution. As these meals contain same ingredients and love when they are prepared, children or husband will surely like them. If you cannot go home due to overtime at work, you can prepare freezer food for them. They will just heat and they have food to eat. If you are really busy you can prepare a freeze meal for a week like for breakfast or for dinner. You do not need to rush in the morning or to go home after work.

It is also a great way to have some time off. You can go to the gym instead of the time you spend for cooking. You can do some activities that you need to do as some free time is given to you. Maybe you can already have time to help your friend process her that have been put. As the bridesmaid dress trend gravitates towards soft pastel toned dresses. Blush Mother of the Bride Dresses has been growing in popularity. The softness of a blush dress works so well with other pastels and is quite gorgeous.

House chores: is it only for the mothers?

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When we say house chores automatically what comes into mind is mothers doing the laundry, cleaning the house or cooking. Mother’s job cannot be enumerated with just a sentence. Mother’s role is very special and it cannot be compared to anything. It is because of their love to their children that they learned how to sacrifice their selves and only think of how they can help their children. In some countries, even if children have their own family, they still live together with their parents.

Parents then have additional chores to do. They have to take care of grandchildren and to provide food for the family. Grandparents nowadays are being tasked and obliged to take care of their grandchildren. They cannot stop working and worrying. Such is a mother’s sacrifice. Then, in the title of this article, is house chores only a mother’s job? Surely the answer is no. the children and husband should realized and understand that they too should do the housework. They are not masters but they are part of the family.

Especially if the mother is also working, when can she have time for herself if she has to do all the housework? The time and perspective should change. Husband should also share in the housework and also the kids. They can do simple task like maintaining their room organized. Washing the dishes and putting things in order. A mother working with marketing specialist company share the same thought in this article.

Couples Challenge: Having a baby

Posted on July 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

Having a baby is a dream comes true for a woman who waited for that special time that she can be called a mother. They say you cannot be complete as a woman if you will not have a child when you marry. Having a child seems very exciting and a very happy event but it can sometimes drain the relationship of a couple. That is the reason behind the title that having a baby is a challenge to a couple. Normally when a couple tied the knot you will expect news of a baby after some months.

At that time, it is good news for both the couple but when they feel the effect of having a baby, they start to lose support given to their partner. As they cannot do what they usually do when a baby is not yet there, they tend to look for ways to cope with their feelings. According to a research, this usually happens to families. The good thing is, as the appearance of a baby lessens their care and love with each other, it also lessens the chance of divorce.

In the research still, it says that mothers are the ones who bear most of the burdens brought by the strains in the relationship. They are the ones likely to give up their work and care for their children and handling all the household chores. It may be the reason that couples choose not to have babies even if they are married like the one working in a factory solution that I met a couple of days ago.

Balancing work and spending time with children

Posted on January 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

One of the main concern and challenges to working moms like me is to spend enough time with my children despite my busy schedule. It is not easy when you have an employer to please and work hard for to earn money and also to have time for your children. One of my fears when I started working after giving birth, is that how can I spend time with my child. Nowadays many mothers depend on the help of a nanny or grandmothers for taking care of children. As a result, children are closer to the nanny or the grandmother.

Children grow fast as mothers became busy. The gap between them can become wide if starting at the young age of children the presence of a mother is not felt. Even if you are a busy mom if you make effort to spend time with your children then you can connect with them and let them understand the situation. If they will not understand why you have to work it can cause a gap then it is hard to mend especially if children grow up.

That is why you should make effort to at least be home before your children fall asleep to have even a ten minutes chat with them. Cooking is one of the best medium to deliver your love to your children that they can feel. For their comfort you can provide a good control  air provider. Once they feel your concern to them, you can take a deep breath of relief.