Time Management Tips for a Busy Mom

Posted on March 10, 2015

In order for mothers to manage their home well even if they have jobs other than the jobs at home, they need time management. It’s really hard for a working mother to be managing her time thinking of her job to earn money at the same time taking care of her family. Here are the tips on how a mother manages their time.

Plan before sleeping

Before going to bed, you can write a list of your activities for tomorrow. At least you will not be bothered in organizing what you have to do when you get up in the next morning. The list will help you go on working while you are thinking many things.

Early Rise

Early rise is essential for you to finish your daily task at home before going to work. You will not be rushing doing you work so you can maintain a quality done tasks. You will avoid shouting at your kids saying, “Quick, we have no time anymore!”

Set a Timer

Set a timer and deadline of everything that you do, this will motivate you to do your job done quickly and rightly. When you do not set time, you will be wondering on when you will finish the job.

Avoid “Later”

The later will distract you in working. The “later” will spoil you schedule. You have already the list so you have to follow the list and then you will see how much work you have done. Keep the list on you head and do not forget to organize the list.

Take a break

When you are hungry or thirsty, do not hesitate to drink or at least just take in something before you realize that you are already burned out that makes you stop working.

Avoid quarrel with anybody

If you are angry, you can not focus on working. Your children and husband or any member of the house will be affected. This why a mother should know how to forgive and forget.

Learn to Refuse

There are many temptations that come across you. In this case, if you give in to temptations, you will be beaten by time. Of course if you have a lot of time, you may do whatever you want.